Feature request management simplified

Bring your customers closer to your product by allowing them to submit, vote and track features that matter the most.

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How it works

Featrd provides a hub to help your team centralize and organize product-related feedback.


Share your hub and start collecting requests and feedback from your users.


Decide what features to build next based on user engagement or internal priorities.


Everytime your team completes a feature request or makes an update, we'll automatically notify your users.

Why Featrd?

Featrd was built to be simple, efficient and customizable .

  • Ease of use

  • Built-in Roadmap

  • Customization Options

Each post is organized by category for quick navigation. Your users can easily find the tools needed to engage with posts.

Let customers follow along as new ideas progress through each stage on the roadmap

Your hub should be a reflection of your product. Play around with colors and settings to match your brand's style.


  • Custom Domain

    Use subdomain.yourbrand.com instead of yourbrand.featrd.io subdomain

  • Team collaboration

    Bring your team to help manage your hub.

  • User impersonation

    Post, comment and vote on behalf of users by logging in as the user directly

  • Single-sign-in links Almost ready

    Log users into your hub directly from your app using a single-use sign-in link

  • Custom CSS Coming soon

    Custom CSS is coming soon

  • Integrations Coming soon

    Slack + other integrations are coming soon